Wednesday, July 30, 2008

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My First Blog

Well, here I am.

Let me start off by introducing myself, my name is Cales. I always have a TON to say. It isn't always politically correct. I tend to rub people the wrong way, but I almost always say what others can not. I am a spontanteous-carefree-loving person. I hate boundaries, I feel that it is my mission in life to break through them. I work best when I'm under pressure. I like to surround myself with easy going, positive people.

I feel that life is meant to be lived, to the FULL extent. I try to make the most of each day. My source of inspiration-joy-harmony and my ultimate reason for living, can all be found in the beautiful face of my baby girl, Ki'Nani.

That pretty much sums me up, love me or hate. I am who I am, I offer no apologies.