Tuesday, April 14, 2009

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We had a great, fun filled, hectic Easter! It started out with us running late to church, it was so packed inside that we had to sit outside in the hallway. Afterwards, we rushed home so that I could start preparing a few dishes for our potluck with friends. In typical fashion, we were running late, I was still cooking and in sweat pants when my friends arrived.

We had made each of the kids and their parents an Easter gift bag of goodies, and the goal was to hold a scavenger hunt for them to find their gift bags. That didn't work out as planned, so D ended up just handing them out as everyone showed up.

The kids had a blast playing and running around, while use adults ate. The kids are never interested in food when they all get together. Then we headed out for the Easter Egg Hunt. We had two Eggs Hunts, one for the smaller kids, which was held in the garden/patio area. The older kids had the huge backyard to search for eggs. We let the grass get really long, ok we forgot to mow the yard, but let's just say we let the grass grow super high on purpose! :) So the older kids had a pretty hard time finding the 150+ eggs hidden in our backyard. I can just imagine us out there on the 4th of July shooting off fireworks, and still find Easter eggs!

After the Egg Hunt, we all gathered around to break the Pinata that Sasha made. That thing was hard to crack!
Here's a photo of me helping K hit the Pinata:

When the Pinata finally had enough, the kids scrambled to pick up the candy. Then we all headed up to the garden/patio area for a group photo (we are missing a few people):

And we got one of the younger kids as well:

Later we all just hung out around the backyard taking photos and letting the kids run wild. Well, all of the kids except mine, who has made it her life's mission to taste each flower,stick,piece of grass, and mud in our backyard.
Here she is going for the flower:

Here she is after she realizes it doesn't taste too great:

We even caught K and M trying to tip the water bucket over:


Brea's Baby Boutique said...

Cute Pictures! Glad you had a fun Easter! Love your site too by the way!

Pouty Lips said...

That's a cute pinata. Came by from VNO.

ROSIDAH said...

Oh, these are wonderful photos! I love the one were she is picking the flowers the best. Beautiful little princess.