Wednesday, December 29, 2010

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Designer Diaper Bags Now At MarieLynn Boutique

Finding the best diaper bag is a hard undertaking. There are so many options available to new parents, so how do you choose the best diaper bag for your family?

As soon as I became a mom, I quickly learned that less is better! I wanted a Diaper Bag that was big enough to carry everything that we needed and then some. And because I had to lug around the Infant Car Seat, I didn't want to carry my purse and a Diaper Bag. So I searched for a Diaper Bag that would double as both.

Being the style conscious mama that I am, I didn't want a Diaper Bag that looked like, well a Diaper Bag! I needed something that I would be proud to carry around, something that looked like a purse and not a dumpy old Diaper Bag. Then of course, there is the hubby. He doesn't want to carry around a bright pink bag now does he?

After searching for 'the right bag', I came across these Trendy Diaper Bags from Baby Kaed and I just knew that I had to offer these at MarieLynn Boutique! These Designer Diaper Bags are just what every hip mom is looking for and then some! Complete with accessories, these celebrity approved Diaper Bags come equipped with a pocket for your cell phone, a pacifier pouch and a wipes case...and those are just a few of the many features offered!

Choose from our variety of diaper bags that look like purses, messenger style diaper bags and back pack style diaper bags! You'll be in Diaper Bag heaven when you see the wide variety that you can choose from!

And don't worry, even dad will find styles that are made just for him!