Monday, January 5, 2009

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Snuggle Puppy's

This is the perfect website for all of us dog lovers! Snuggle Puppy’s has a wide range of goodies for our furry friends. The hardest part is choosing just a few gifts for our pooch. But why stop there? Snuggle Puppy’s prices are so incredibly affordable that you can pamper your puppy all you want, without breaking the bank!

Now, I just wish I knew about this site when I had my dog, Gizmo. When we first got her, she would cry all night long, it was really heartbreaking to hear. If we would have had a Snuggle Puppy, Gizzie would have had a much easier time sleeping at night. These Snuggly Puppy’s have a ‘real feel’ heartbeat and they even warm up! What is even more amazing is that each Snuggle Puppy has a bottle pocket that allows you to stick a pet bottle inside for puppy nursing.
A few of my favorite items are the:

Diva Dog Apparel

Tattoo Art Colection of Collars, Leads, and Harnesses

31 Flavors Square Dog Bed

With Snuggle Puppy’s around, there is no need to shop any where else! Snuggle Puppy’s has: Apparel, Doggie Treats, Shampoo and Spa products, and Pet Carriers...just to name a few!

Snuggle Puppy’s also has Free Shipping on All Pet Tags in the U.S, AND you can receive 10% off of your order over $50.00. Use voucher code: newyear at checkout!

Cat Lovers Don’t Fret, Snuggle Puppy’s has goodies for your feline as well. Check out Snuggle Puppy's line of Pet Tags and Snuggle Kitties for your kitty!