Friday, January 2, 2009

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Welcome 2009!

It's a new year! There is just something about a new year that makes me optimistic! It's a fresh start, a new beginning. A chance to take leave behind all the bad and start over. Hopefully a little wiser, more mature, and with bigger goals in mind!

I've already begun my to-do list of 2009! I actually started on 29 December 08. I'm leaving 2008 and all of it's ups and downs in the past! Here is what I have planned for 2009!

Personal Life:
Spark up the romance- I want D and I to get back what we had in the beginning. The laughing and joking. Oh and the makeout sessions, boy do I miss those! Who says you can't make out with your hubby?

No smoking- Yep, I'm a smoker! I quit, no problem when I got pregnant with K. Then when D returned from his deployment, I started up again. It's a horrible nasty addiction that makes me freeze my butt off (I won't smoke in the house or around K), plus what kind of example am I setting for K? With all of it's nasty vices, that small little cancer causing stick has so much control over me.

Travel More- We leave in a few months...and while I can't wait to leave Germany and NEVER come back. I will miss the travel. So, I plan to take one out of country vacay each month! Greece here I come!

Business Life:
Organization- Now that I have my own business room, I need to organize it.

Time Management- I need to set time aside for work and family. I need to complete one task before I move onto the next. I'm great at multi-tasking and I work better under pressure, but I get so carried away with work that I forget that I have an amazing family who needs me.

Smart Advertising- Now that I've pinpointed my target consumer base, I need to market and advertise wisely. Those small ad fees add up to one gigantic total that could have been better spent elsewhere.

That's what I have now, I'm sure I will continue to add to the list as time goes by. Why don't you shoot me an email in three months and see how if I'm doing good on my 'resolutions'.