Thursday, February 12, 2009

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OUCH! My poor foot!

So the other day was business as usual. K was busy playing in her play room, D was cleaning the house...ok maybe NOT business as usual! But I decided to sneak off and check my email and check out what everyone was talking about on Twitter. Yep, I'm a Twitter addict, I admit it.

I was enjoying the peace and quiet and I guess I was on the computer longer than I expected. Then I realize, "Oh crap! It's REALLY quiet in K's playroom!" So I jump up, not realizing that my foot was asleep, and BAM! I hit the floor. It was all in slow motion really.

I tried to catch myself, with my foot being asleep, I twisted it and landed on my ankle. I fall to the ground, grabbing K's Zebra bouncing toy (that toy is SO annoying BTW) to try and break my fall. Instead, I land halfway on the darn thing and half way on the floor.

I can't feel my foot, my knee hurts, I scraped my hand, K is laughing, D is yelling from the other room asking if I'm ok. I still can't feel my foot. And I think, "OMG, this is SO embarressing! It better not be broken, how will I explain this to the Dr??"

Five minutes later, I manage to crawl...yes, crawl to the recliner. D iced my foot and I get a good look at my ankle. If that is what you call that big swollen mass on the side of my leg. My whole foot is swollen.

After a day of limping around, I finally called the hospital for an appt. I wasn't able to get into the clinic on base, so they sent me off base.

An hour after my scheduled appt, we are ushered into the Dr's office. German Dr's are so different than American Dr's. First off, the shelf is open, no lock, with medications and needles all over. Then, I'm looking around the room and spot a half filled bottle of wine! Yea, I know! Now, I love my's so much sweeter and bubblier over here. But I don't want my Dr. intoxicated while examining me!

The Dr comes in and pokes and prods and almost makes me cry! Then, I'm taken to an X Ray room. Well, that is what they said it was. It was some huge, ginormous machine from the 20's. The technician actually had to crank it up to turn it on. Seriously, she had to wind it up! Then it made some really weird grumbling noises that you only expect to hear in a horror flick.

After I have my X Rays done, I hobble my way back to my room. The Dr. comes in and shows me my X Ray. It was pretty cool. I've never seen MY bones before. I've see X Rays on T.V and all, but it was weird seeing all the bones in my foot.

Apparently, when I fell, I twisted and strained all of the muscles in my middle foot. Hence, the swelling and pain. So he prescribes me the highest mg of Motrin (the good stuff) that will work as an anti inflamatory to bring down the swelling. Then they wrap my foot up in this gauze stuff, that I cannot take off for a week. Luckily, it's only a week because this thing itches like crazy!

So good news, it's NOT broken...and I can't change diapers. How does my foot get me out of diaper duty you ask? Well, I can't hobble up the stairs holding K at the same time. So D is on diaper duty for a full week. -Insert evil laugh-

In case your wondering, I snagged the X Rays as a souvenir!


Sara at Soap Rehab said...

Wow!!! So glad your foot isn't broken, hope it feels better soon. Congrats on the diaper duty relief :)
And also:
I tagged you!! Go to my blog and read the directions and you get to tag! Perfect while recouping ;)

Selina said...

I'm glad your ankle isn't broken! I have done that exact thing; only I was asleep in the middle of the night and I heard something so I jumped up to turn on the light and totally collapsed on the floor. I'm so sorry for your pain, I know it's horrible!