Tuesday, February 3, 2009

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We took K swimming today. Usually she LOVES the water and screams when it is time to go. But today, she just wasn't having it! Originally, a few friends and I had planned to take the kids to the indoor pool Well two of my friends cancelled, so it was just us and my friend Karla and her family that went. We had a great time!

I didn't plan on getting in the water because I was hoping to go grocery shopping afterwards. But we ended up staying at the pool a lot longer than expected. K cried at first, she just wanted to sit with me. I was able to roll up my jeans and walk in the baby pool with her, but D took her in the bigger pool.

This pool was pretty neat, when you walk in, there are tons of palm trees and greenery. It's pretty dark and the ceiling is lit with those fiber optic lights that change colors. It's pretty neat. There is one big pool that has waves every 20 minutes, there is a kiddie area, a lazy river, and 3 jacuzzis in each of the areas. There is also a way for you to swim outside, but it's too cold for that! Oh, and they have huge slides too!

Just getting it was pretty confusing, you pay at the desk and you get a plastic coin. You insert the coin into a turnstile to get in. Kind of like at the subway. Then you go down some stairs and into this locker room. You put the coin into the locker and it opens and the knob is a bracelet, where you keep your coin inside. Then you use your bracelet on this machine thingy to get through another turnstile to get into the pool area. It is just WAY too much. Even worse when everything is in German! We got lost and had to be escorted to the pool!

Big Pool Area-Kind of Dark

K Getting Used To The Water

Mad At Mommy For Not Swimming-She Wouldn't Even Smile For The Camera!

Me and K