Monday, March 9, 2009

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Dreamscapes Baby Boutique

Dreamscapes Baby Boutique is the place to shop for the fresh, hip mom and baby. What makes Dreamscapes Baby Boutique stand out? They cater especially to boys! While you will find numerous items for your Princess, Dreamscapes Baby Boutique has everything for your little Prince or Rock Star-In-Training!

When asked when and why owner Amber opened Dreamscapes Baby Boutique, she said the following;

I officially started business in February of 2008. The idea however happened the year before after I had my son Aidan. Originally, I had planned on just designing and creating nursery bedding and baby accessories, but my mother pushed me to do more and the boutique was opened in June of 2008! Before my son was born, I had a definite idea of what his room should look like. The last part to add was the bedding and I couldn’t find what I wanted anywhere. I searched many stores and online and found nothing exactly what I wanted, or any business that could create what I wanted at an affordable price. I ended up buying a solid green set and was very disappointed. Not 9 months later, my best friend had a girl and experienced the same problems. Before the shower, we searched for days to find round crib bedding in her favorite colors and found nothing even close. To top it off, round crib bedding is expensive! I ended up making her a bedding set as a surprise in those colors and loved it so much I made it into a business!

Dreamscapes Baby Boutique is such a fun place to shop! I am absolutely ecstatic about their custom crib bedding. I am anxiously awaiting Amber's line of ready-made bedding so that I can add it to MarieLynn Boutique. Her talent and passion for what she does definitely shows in her products, I am sure you will feel the same way! Here are just a few of my faves at Dreamscapes Baby Boutique:

Happy Skulls Leg Warmers Set

Appaman Race Car Tee

Nano Brown Car Tee

Be sure to check out Dreamscapes Baby Boutique's Custom Crib Bedding! You can work one on one with Amber to create your own Crib Bedding!

Amber would also love for you to know;
Well, the first time you visit you’re a guest! The next time you visit, you’re family! We hope every parent out there sends us photos of their darlings in our clothing or bedding. We want the details too! Every client we’ve created for has become a friend and we love to hear about how the babies are doing and what is going on in their life. We’re not out to create customers, we’re out to create friendships!