Monday, March 23, 2009

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Lilly Pea Designs

Since I've been a mom, I've realized the need for great stationary. Stationary is needed for sending quick "Thank You" notes for gifts received or to say "Thank You", to that special friend for lending a helping hand. In a way, the design of your stationary reflects your personality and style. You can purchase your stationary anywhere, from office supply stores to WalMart, but why settle for what everyone else has when you can visit Lilly Pea Designs and customize your own?!

When I asked Jennifer, owner/creator of Lilly Pea Designs, when and why she started her business, she had this to say:

For a few years now I’ve been creating hand made cards and invitations, and it has always been my dream to sell my creations. With encouragement from my family and friends I opened my Etsy shop in November 2008. I’m not certain how successful I actually have been, but I’m really enjoying the adventure & pretty please with the sales I’ve had. Every day I learn something new, I have a super long list of ideas, meet a new person, make a new contact- it has been really exciting. The BIG goal is to quit my day job and be a full time crafter.

Here are a few items I loved at Lilly Pea Designs:

The Betty

Little Birdie Promotion

Debbie's Mix

As you can see, Lilly Pea Designs has great stationary at afforable prices! Be sure to order yours today, you know you will need it!


BookWormz said...

hooooray for LillyPea! I love her work - and she's a great member of the online community - she deserves a big shout out! :)