Monday, March 30, 2009

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Nikki's Character Creations

You've got all of the basic neccessities needed for your baby. You've set up the crib, you're stocked up on Diapers and Baby Wipes, the car seat is installed in the car. But you are missing something, you just can't put your finger on it. What are you missing? Nikki's Character Creations accessories for your baby's nursery! At Nikki's Character Creations, you will find handpainted Wall Art, Knobs and Drawer Pulls, Picture Frames, and Wall Letters...just to name a few!

We spend so much time, consumed over the long list of items needed for our children's upcoming arrival, that we forget to add that special personal touch to the nursery. Even the smallest items, like custom handpainted knobs and drawer pulls can make a world of difference!

Check out a few of my favorite items that you can find at Nikki's Character Creations:

Hand Painted Wooden Wall Letters

Hand Painted Eiffel Tower Wall Art

Brown and Pink Heart Knob