Monday, June 29, 2009

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Craig Ferguson Meet and Greet

Ok, so I have a total celebrity crush on Craig Ferguson. It all started when we moved here to Germany, and I was confined to just 10 American tv channels. Pregnant and exhausted, I spent hours lying on the couch watching t.v.

I don't know if it's his crazy antics or that Scottish accent, but I was hooked! The great thing is that hubby loves him too, so there was no fighting over the remote.

So when I heard that Craig Ferguson was coming to Germany, I had to wipe the drool from my chin. Seriously, I've got a major crush on the guy! The show was originally scheduled for last Friday, but for some reason it was postponed to today.

No worries though! Hubby and I made a date out of it and went to dinner before the show. After standing in line for an hour, the doors opened and we quickly snagged a great spot on the balcony.

The show was great! I totally loved it. His jokes and imitations had the crowd laughing throughout the whole performance.

Afterwards, we were able to meet Matt Baetz(comedian) and Craig Ferguson aka Hubby #2.

We received a signed head shot for ourselves and Ki'Nani.


Jenny said...

You lucky lady! It's nice that your husband enjoys Craig's antics as well.

Maricel said...

As a fellow Mom Bloggers Club member, I'm following via the Follow Me Club list. =) I have also followed your twitter.

Maricel --- Momhood Moments

I'm currently building my blogroll too. Care for a link exchange?

Daphne said...

I enjoy the layout of your blog!

Anna said...

Hi! I don't know if you'll even get this, but I'm going to see Craig Ferguson live at a theatre and i wondered how you and your husband met him. Do i just wait outside? How did you do it?
Thank you!!!