Thursday, June 18, 2009

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U Printing wants to see your favorite summer photo!
What photo of yours just screams "SUMMER"?
For me, it's this photo that was taken by my parents back in 1986.

What isn't there to love about this photo? To me, it's home. This photo was taken at one of my favorite beaches on Guam. This photo reminds me of who I am and where I come from. When things get unbearable, one look at this photo puts it all in to perspective for me.

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I want to see your favorite summer photos! Be sure to leave a link to your blog post in the comment section so that we can all check it out!


pam said...

Beautiful entry! Good luck | Online Printing said...

Hi Marielyn! Yes I agree with you. Its serenity brings out some peace, stillness and calmness, things that you could find at home. The symmetry of the tree in its silhouette effect ensembles the classic look of this shot. Your parents must be really cool!

Jenny said...

it's a beautiful photo. ;)