Wednesday, June 3, 2009

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What Are Your Kids Doing?

While I cook dinner, Ki'Nani loves to hang out in the kitchen with me. Usually, I give her a few serving spoons and some plastic containers and she just goes to town. But lately, she has had this odd obsession with Potatoes.

Yes, you read that right....Potatoes! She dumbs them all out of the sack and hugs and kisses them. Then she takes a few to her play room and drives them around in her car.

She gets so sad when it's time to put them away.

Today she put a few on the kitchen floor and made this snazzy little design.


Milo's Creations said...

Sounds like you need to get her a Mr. and Mrs. Potato head! Has she seen the movie Toy Story? How cute. I love kids' little quirks!