Wednesday, May 13, 2009

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Chrysler, you are on my short list today

D and I recently purchased a 2009 Dodge Journey. Fully loaded and customized, from the paint job to the coolers in the glove box. This is the first car that we have purchased, where we had control over what was and wasn't included in our vehicle.

Before we left for Disneyland, we received a call from our Car Guy and he says that we now have a VIN Number, and that Chrysler has started production on our vehicle! Of course we are excited! The car will be sent to Little Rock, Arkansas where we will pick it up when we return to the states.
With a price tag of just a little over $24,000 we decided to forgo our trips to Prague, Berlin, Rome, London,and Dublin so that we could pay as much money on our new vehicle before any interest was charged to us.

So today, I receive a call from our Car Guy; he says that Chrysler has just filed for bankruptcy and has stopped all production. Which means, we have to choose from what they have in stock.
I am assuming that with this bankruptcy comes more employees losing their jobs. Didn't we just bail Chrysler out?

I won't get into politics here. But, here is a note to Chrysler: If you can't get your stuff straight, I'd be more than happy to take over.


Veronica Lee said...

Thanks for the follow!

Jennifer said...

Ugh! What a bummer! Sorry to hear that!

Stopping by from MBC/Follow Me Club. I'm following you now... I hope this whole car situation gets resolved! Agh!

DawnS said...

Yep, it sure did come with more job losses, my husband being one of them. Stupid worthless bailouts - hope I don't sound bitter...

Anyway... following you from MBC :)