Thursday, May 14, 2009

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I Heart Chrysler

I am such a girl, one day I hate them, the next day I love them! I bet you're probably thinking, "Would this chick just make up her mind already?"
Well, I have...for now!

Maybe they saw my blog post know, because the CEO's at Chrysler have nothing else to do but read my blog all day. But we received a phone call from our Car Guy, he has a pretty thick Irish accent, so I couldn't really understand what he was saying. We went into the car dealership today and he said that he had a car ready for us in the states. Apparently, someone had custom made it and decided to go with another car. It has the same features that we wanted, without the trailer hitch (totally NOT my idea in the first place), and the "Convenience Package". Really, we were paying $700 more for the AC controls to be on the steering wheel instead of the dash thingy?? Obviously, you can tell that hubby chose the options. All that I care about is the camera on the back bumper so that I don't back up into some poor old lady.

Well, because we were so inconvenienced, they knocked off about $2500 from our total car payment. Pretty sweet if you ask me. Plus, the car will be ready and waiting for us in Arkansas when we arrive!

In case you are wondering exactly which vehicle we chose...

...Ain't she a beauty?


Sherry said...

Very nice--snazzy color too. :)