Tuesday, May 5, 2009

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Half Way There

It has been a crazy few weeks! With our Disneyland trip, to working on new designs, to preparing for Craft Shows. Which brings me to the topic of this blog post, I have completed 210 hair bows, with 210 hair bows left to make by Friday. After this weekend, I plan on taking a much needed day off from work and all that it entails. Hubby asked me today, why I don't just take a week off. Well, I am being realistic here, I can't take a week off from work. I am a workaholic, which doesn't seem to bode well with strangers. I am commonly asked, "Don't you feel guilty spending so much time working and neglecting your husband and daughter?" I know you are wondering what I say in response, well I know what I'd like to say!

I'd like to say, "Would you ask my husband (who works just as many hours and I do), that same question?" In reality, they wouldn't ask him that question. Why? I don't know. Maybe because they don't classify what I do as 'work'. I could go on and on, and make a list for you, but I won't. I will just say that, women posses an enormous amount of strength that can not be labeled or defined.

And no, I don't feel as though I am neglecting my husband or my daughter, and I know that they would agree with me.

So my Tuesday Toot is; I have managed to keep my family and business happy, healthy, well-loved. Now, where's my cocktail? :)


Blackswan said...

Found u @ Womens Blogger Directory. Nice post & looking fwd to sharing!

Luxury Indulgence

TLCSilverJewelry said...

Yaay, Cales has joined Womens Blogger!

Ann said...

I've got a cocktail for you, you deserve it!!!

Your on the right track so don't you worry about a thing :->

ROSIDAH said...

Let's toast on that! Well said. Seeing all the beautiful family moments on your blog, you sure haven't neglected them. Beautiful hair bows. I love your creativity. Have a great weekend :)