Friday, May 22, 2009

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It's Potty Time

The Parent Blogger's Network and Pull-Ups want all of the dirty secrets on Potty Training! It's an inevitable chapter in every parents life...potty training. Potty Training will test a parents patience and stomach.

Our Potty Training chapter is still a work in progress. Two months ago, when Ki'Nani turned 18 months, we decided to introduce the Potty Chair. She was already showing signs; going into her tent and tunnel system to use the bathroom in peace. So we made a big deal about this Potty Chair thing, we took her to the store and let her pick out her Potty Chair. It was between the Pink Princess Potty Chair and the Elmo Potty Chair that talks (in English and Spanish).

Ki'Nani chose Elmo. We brought him home that night and put him right in the middle of the living room floor. At first, Ki'Nani just wanted to make him talk, then she graduated to putting her toys inside the potty portion. After about a week of using Elmo as a storage unit for her toys, David showed Ki'Nani how to sit on him.

Soon, David and I were on the lookout for Ki'Nani making her face. You know the face...the poopy face. If we saw 'the face', it was a mad dash to pick her up and sit her down on the Potty Chair. Finally, Ki'Nani started sitting on the Potty Chair and doing her business.

Now, Elmo can be found right next to mommy and daddy's Potty Chair in the bathroom and Ki'Nani always let's us know when she has to go 'poop,poop'. Of course, she always has to go 'poop,poop' on Elmo after she has already gone in her diaper...but it's a great start!

We aren't really pushing the Potty Training idea too much, Ki'Nani has always been the type of child that will do things at her own pace. But the thought that one day I will never have to change another diaper makes me grin from ear to ear!


shelley said...

hey there!
i love love this picture! we have such memories of potty training our oldest, man if i pulled out those pictures she would probably kill me! lol but everything comes in time, take it day by day and Ki'Nani will let you know when she is really ready. have a great weekend! enjoy!
ps thank you sooo much for stopping by and leaving me that sweet comment, stop by anytime! :)

ROSIDAH said...

I love K's adorable photos! The day with no diapers will come. She's already on her way to it. Have a wonderful weekend :)